Appointment Setting Firms Are Too Expensive

Using an outside sales appointment setting group is expensive, or is it? At first glance, with fees upward of 30 bucks an hour, it seems real expensive and maybe even cost prohibitive. A second look will show that this might be the best investment you ever made.

Let’s assume that you’ve been enlightened with the idea that using an appointment setter(s) to make your sales reps more productive is the right thing to do. Let’s further assume that you’ve at least thought of using an outsourcing firm to perform this task for you. In-house or outsource? Which one makes more sense?

An inside sales appointment setter might make you feel better because you will see him every day, toiling away at his desk dialing and smiling. It only costs $8-$10 an hour with a few spiffs thrown in for good measure. The appointments he schedules are fair at best but you think he’s getting better.

What about the other costs though? The desk space, phone and computer line, taxes, insurance and training. What happens when the appointment setter doesn’t show up one day for an important calling project and there is no one to take his place and he doesn’t show up the next day or the day after that? Now you have the cost of recruitment and training on your shoulders again.

If you are working the in-house appointment center right, you also need to hire someone to compile sales and call reports and gauge effectiveness of different campaigns. That reporting is one of the most important tools you have to know that you are calling on the right prospects with the right message at the right time.

The right outsourced sales appointment setting firm will perform as an extension of your sales group, dialing more and setting more appointments than your inside callers. They are well trained, professional, and articulate and they come along with a support group that will furnish you with meaningful reports that tell you a lot about your market and sales effort. Your sales reps productivity will double!

The right outsourced sales appointment setting firm will streamline your sales process and take away the management, training and recruitment hassles while providing you with a steady stream of highly qualified appointments with prospects who will buy from you.

If you are thinking of using in-house sales appointment setters, think long and hard. Is it cheaper? In the short term: maybe. Long term it will cost you more than you ever imagined and could in fact, derail your sales future.

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