Ceiling Fans – The Modern Day Cooling Agents

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All of us have a ceiling fan at home and know what it’s used for. Technically, it is a device which is hung from the ceiling of a room and makes use of hub mounted rotating paddles to air. The first invention of the ceiling fan can be dated back to 1882 and ever since it have brought us relief from the heat by evolving as efficient cooling systems. Although the earliest designs were a combination of a chandelier and a fan, over the years the style and technology has made tremendous progress and it has now become a very vital household appliance.

Ceiling fans not only make the room cooler by circulating the air throughout the room but also add a decorative touch to it. No matter where you are in the room, a good quality fan of proper size when installed in the right manner should be capable of circulating air to every corner of the room. A good ceiling hvac in North Myrtle Beach should be able to function without making any noise and should be reliable. It should include certain important features such as variable speed motor, direct drive and remote controls. Larger the size of a ceiling fan, more the air it can distribute. But at the same time, the size of the fan should be commensurate with the size of the room. Most of it come in the size range of 44″ to 52″ which are ideal for a medium to large sized room which varies between 120 to 200 square feet. Rooms which measure less than this should ideally go in for smaller sized fans, maybe 29″ to 36″.

Living room is the common location where ceiling fans are installed. A bedroom is another area which normally has it. Although a kitchen doesn’t usually house one, depending on individual preference, it can also be installed in the kitchen to get rid of stuffiness and cooking smell circulating in the air. Fans which double up as chandeliers can be used in the dining area and porch to add an element of comfort and beauty. It is noticed that fans are effective when installed in covered porches. This ensures that you feel the breeze even on days which are not windy.

Some ceiling fans are also used outdoors but these are designed differently than the indoor ones to combat the forces of nature. Irrespective of the design or make of the ceiling fans, they are meant to improve the living conditions in your home, reduce heating costs and also beautify your homes.

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