Concealed Gems: Unveiling Pune’s Hidden Resorts

Tucked away from the city’s bustling pace, these hidden resorts near Pune remain undiscovered treasures waiting to be explored. Each destination on this list offers a secluded and serene escape, revealing Pune’s best-kept secrets in the realm of tranquil retreats.

  1. Oxford Golf Resort, Bavdhan: While known for its golfing facilities, Oxford Golf Resort boasts a serene ambiance ideal for a peaceful escape from Pune’s chaos. Its tranquility remains a hidden gem within reach.
  2. Fort JadhavGADH, Hadapsar: Nestled amidst historical grandeur, Fort JadhavGADH stands as a hidden heritage gem. Its regal accommodations and serene surroundings make it a well-kept secret for a luxurious retreat.
  3. Rutugandh Resort, Sinhagad: Positioned near Sinhagad Fort, Rutugandh Resort remains a hidden sanctuary. Its peaceful ambiance amidst historical landscapes offers a serene escape from the city.
  4. Sunny’s World, Pashan: A luxurious haven tucked away amidst natural beauty, Sunny’s World unveils opulence in a tranquil setting. Its serene surroundings and lavish accommodations remain a hidden gem.
  5. Cocoon Resort & Villas, Mulshi: Concealed amidst Mulshi’s serenity, Cocoon Resort offers a tranquil escape. Its rustic charm and peaceful ambiance make it a hidden retreat near Pune.
  6. Wildernest Hilltop Resort, Tamhini Ghat: Shrouded by Tamhini Ghat’s allure, Wildernest Hilltop Resort remains a secluded paradise. Its serene environment amidst nature’s beauty offers an undiscovered haven.
  7. Garawa Resort, Palghar: A hidden gem in Palghar, Garawa Resort exudes countryside charm. Its tranquil setting amidst nature’s tranquility remains a secret haven near Pune.
  8. Prakruti Resort, Kashid: Surrounded by lush greenery, Prakruti Resort unveils a hidden countryside retreat. Its serene ambiance and rustic charm make it an undiscovered oasis.
  9. Durshet Forest Lodge, Khopoli: Embraced by the Western Ghats, this lodge remains a hidden gem. Guests can uncover nature’s tranquility, engaging in wildlife sightings and serene landscapes.
  10. Sahyadri Retreat, Mulshi: Concealed within Mulshi’s beauty, Sahyadri Retreat offers a hidden escape. Its serene surroundings amidst rustic charm remain an undiscovered sanctuary near Pune.

These hidden Resorts Near Pune are not just accommodations; they’re clandestine sanctuaries waiting to be uncovered, offering a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle within an arm’s reach.

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