Finding Designer Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses come in many styles. Some of the more popular ones at the moment are wayfarer, oversized, and aviator designs. But, even if you’re not into the latest trends, a pair of wraparound or oval-shaped sunglasses can still be found. With all of these choices, do you know which one will fit you best? When considering designer sunglasses, the style is important, but so is a frame’s ability to fit you. Some styles may make a face appear wider than it should be, while others may accent certain parts that shouldn’t stand out. Picking out a pair of designer round sunglasses frames involves finding a style that will compliment your face. Often, this means a frame that contrasts from your shape.

Some with an oval-shaped face, for example, can wear nearly any style – round or angular. As this face is considered proportional, nothing needs to be accented or concealed. A round-shaped face, on the other hand, should appear thinner – not rounder – with a pair of designer sunglasses, and, ideally, an angular pair of frames does this. If this is your face shape, consider a pair that is higher than the temples and is equal or wider than the face.

Some face shapes should consider round or partially rounded shapes for designer sunglasses. A person with a diamond-shaped face ideally should wear oval-shaped lenses that go no higher than the cheekbones. Those with square and oblong face shapes should consider rounded square frames, such as cat eye styles. Oblong faces in particular are complimented by longer vertical lines. A triangular face shape, on the other hand, is harder to find an all-around style. Sunglasses for this shape need to accent the eye area and be wide enough for the jaw line. In most cases, a style with an angular top and rounded or rimless bottoms fits.

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